Electrical Rack Plating

To length of 3 meters

Rack plating is applied on large and vulnerable parts such as sheet metal, tubing, etc. This way of zinc plating at our plant is executed in an entirely automated plating line in which is chosen for a special alkaline process. This process ensures an extremely good metal distribution and homogeneous deposition of blister-free bright zinc layers with low internal stress even on difficult to reach places. This way an overall high quality zinc layer is achieved.

After zinc plating articles generally are passivated for improvement of the corrosion protection. In our rack plating installation it is possible to passivate in the colours blue (clear) and black. Both colours are hexavalent chromium free and give an excellent corrosion protection.

After these treatments it is possible to treat the parts with a clear sealant. This for an even higher corrosion protection and lowering of the friction coefficient.

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