A eye for detail

We do everything to guarantee the high and ongoing quality which Wilbo is well-known for, such as: automating as much as possible, usage of automated fluid dosing systems,  self-regulating rectifiers, innovative process filtration. In our specially arranged analysis room the different processes are watched carefully, so you are ensured that all processes work optimally. For checking our quality we work with a quality system which checks the zinc layer, sheet thickness and passivation layer. If required it is possible to supply a layer thickness measurement report and test the parts in a neutral salt spraying test.At Wilbo we demand besides high product quality also a high requirement to the quality of our organisation and employees. By profession-specific training in electrical plating and more than 50 years of experience in zinc plating, our employees are very competent in executing their task.

At Wilbo your products are well protected.

Excellent service

At Wilbo we have a standard delivery period of 5 working days. We are aware that Wilbo is at the end of the complete production process of your parts and sometimes delivery periods must be shorter. Because of a compact organisation and close cooperation between planning and production our company is flexible and we can achieve a very short delivery period if necessary.

For any questions about our services please contact our sales department. We hope to personally welcome you at Wilbo.

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