Passivations / Topcoats


After zinc plating articles generally are Passivated for improvement of the corrosion protection. The following Passivation treatments can be chosen at Wilbo B.V.

- Blue passivation                 --> Cr3 passivering conform RoHS-Guideline
- Thick layer passivation       --> Cr3 passivering conform RoHS- Guideline
- Black (Cr3) passivation*    --> Cr3 passivering conform RoHS- Guideline

* The special Black (Cr3) passivation that we use has an extremely high corrosion protection and is an alternitive proces for zinc iron and zinc nickel alloys (+ 720 hrs. salt spray test)


After these treatments it is possible to treat the parts with a clear sealant. This for an even higher corrosion protection and lowering of the friction coefficient.

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